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    We will put you first and do what we can to help you to the fullest extent possible. This includes honest free advice if you have anything you are not sure about.

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Why live with Pain?

At Hove Osteopathic Clinic we believe that too many people live with pain that do not have to, as most problems can be easily solved.

Our goal is to relieve your pain and get you on the move to enjoy the fullness of life again.

COVID-19 Announcement

Update 21/05/2020- Back to face to face appointments 

From Tuesday 26th May 2020, we are planning to gradually re-open Hove Osteopathic Clinic, so if you would like an appointment, you can give us a call on 01273 208410 or book online.
We will also continue to offer online consultations for those who would rather and feel this is right for them. Of course we are putting both our safety and yours at the forefront of what we do. With this in mind, we have put some extra measures in place in line with current guidelines.
What we are doing:
  • We might look a bit different…. Our osteopaths will be seeing you with PPE. We will be wearing: full visor, mask, gloves and apron, which will be changed for each patient.
  • Just prior to lockdown, we had removed the soft couch over from the plinth, which we plan to continue, so it is easier to keep clean.
  • Appointment times have been made longer, to allow for extra cleaning.
  • Our team are the only people to use our room, meaning we are reducing the risk of cross contamination between practitioners.
  • Operating a phased return, to allow for space between sessions for deep cleaning. Currently, Richard will be at the clinic on Tuesdays 1-6pm and Emma Fridays 8:30-1.
  • To reduce face to face time in the clinic, all new patients will be given choice of first half (30mins) of consultation via zoom, which involves taking a case history.


What we are asking from you:
  • All patients will be kindly required to wear mask to consults. If you have one, you are welcome to bring your own along, however if you would like to use one of ours, we can give you one for £3, which will be added to your bill.
  • When appointments are booked, a questionnaire will be sent out to each patient to make sure everyone is fit to come into the clinic.
  • Temperature checks will be made with an infra-red thermometer
  • We would ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before the appointment, to limit the amount of people in the waiting room.


We appreciate these measures are not easy and might make our service less personal, however we are keen to get back to what we love doing safely. Of course will continue to review the measures we have in place in accordance to government advice and keep you updated.

Update 8/5/2020- Online appointments

We’ve all been in lockdown for a while now and we want to make sure that you are all keeping well. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you we are still here for you during this difficult time.

As a team, we have been working hard at looking into different ways of working and trying to make our service safely available to those who need it. We have decided to launch on-line treatments.

We’ve thought long and hard about how to make this work best for everyone, as of course we will not be able to provide the same hands-on style care using an online platform. However… this is only part of what we do as Osteopaths… as an equally important part of our treatment plan is the assessing the problem and suggesting stretches and exercises to ease discomfort and this is something we can offer during an online video consultation.


  • Online initial consultation (upto 40 mins) £40
  • Online follow up consultation (upto 30 mins) £30
  • Telephone check-in (upto 10 mins) Free for existing clients
  • All online consultations free to NHS workers- regardless of being an existing client

23/03/20- A message to all of our clients.

Today we have made the difficult, but necessary, decision to temporarily close our doors to protect yourself, our team and the wider community from the further spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).
Over the past few weeks we have implemented additional protective measures in line with advice from both the Government and The Institute of Osteopathy. We are pleased to say these measures have ensured that we have had no reported cases from anyone who has visited the clinic.
However, we feel the time has come to further reduce the potential risk with a two week closure as of 23rd March 2020. We plan to monitor the ongoing situation closely and will update you of our further plans.
In the meantime, we are still open to answer your questions and give advice over the phone. The clinic telephone number has been diverted to our Osteopath Richard, who will be happy to help.
Your welfare and safety are our top priority and hope our actions will help towards the global effort being made to tackle this pandemic.


We will put you first and do what we can to help you to the fullest extent possible.
This includes honest free advice if you have anything you are not sure about. We will not not seeing you more than is necessary or refer you on to someone else if we think they can help you recover quicker or are more appropriate to help you.

Osteopathy is not just about treating symptoms. Osteopaths are trained to seek out and treat the underlying cause of the pain and can thus also help to prevent future recurrences. The causes could be due to a recent injury, postural strains, stress or an underlying disease. We also help guide patients into a better self care regime by advising on lifestyle, diet and exercise.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine that diagnoses, treats and helps to prevent problems arising within the musculoskeletal system. This includes assessing and treating faults in joints….

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What We Treat?

Osteopaths treat people of all ages, including sports people, the elderly, pregnant women, babies and children. It is a safe and natural approach to healthcare…..

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Your First Visit

The initial consultation and treatment will last approximately 1 hour. This will involve a detailed case history, which will include any previous medical history such as any serious illnesses.

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Specialist Clinics Include:

Back pain and Sciatica

Headaches and migraines

Sports & acute injuries

Work related problems & RSI

Mums bumps & babies

Elderly care & arthritis

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