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Osteopaths are known for treating back and neck pain. One of the main approaches to Osteopathy is that we treat the person not the condition. We commonly treat people of all ages all the way through life from pregnant women, babies and children, sporting and occupational injuries and the elderly.

It is a safe and natural approach to healthcare and is effective in treating a range of conditions. If you’d like to talk through your symptoms with us before deciding whether to make an appointment, please call 01273 208410 for a confidential chat, or email us.

We have a range of  specialist clinics including:

  • Back Pain, Sciatica and Slipped discs
  • Headaches and Neurological conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Work related problems and Repetitive strain
  • Mums, bumps and babies
  • Chronic fatigue care
  • Elderly care and Arthritis

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